Continuum Media is a national advertising platform which provides solutions for brands to access and measure large sources of hard to reach television ad impressions. Our platform includes inventory from the top 150+ cable networks and 600+ broadcast stations. Our relationships run deep because our clients and partners know they can trust and rely upon Continuum to deliver.
3 billion data points and counting, all used to help our clients exceed their goals.
The bottom line is that our team is the heart and soul of the company. When you ask what makes us different from the competition, it starts here.
Our Team
There is always a better way to do something; our product teams are always solving for ‘how’.
Customers only come back if you are reliable; we have a 93% customer retention rate.
The reason we exist is to make it simple for advertisers to access hard to reach impressions.
It’s odd that we even have to call this out. That said, we stand behind our work.
The point of our platform is to drive national efficiencies for our clients. Our relationships and data-driven decision making have proven to be a very effective combination.
Our expertise and proprietary dashboards enable us to constantly monitor campaigns and tailor them to achieve clearance.
30+ million homes don’t have cable but watch broadcast networks; we’ve reinvented how to access these impressions in a simple and efficient manner.
What’s unique about your consumer? We can reach them, and what’s more, we can measure your exposure to them.
Cable networks still generate more than 4 trillion ad impressions per year. We provide access to advertising inventory on the top 150+ cable networks.
The Tools
Planning & Execution
We architected an automated order distribution that takes a single television ad schedule and distributes it to more than 3,000 insertion points. Unlike OTIS, the acronym DROM actually stands for something, but it isn’t very interesting.
We developed our own planning system to enable far too many benefits to list here, but most importantly it will allow us to continue to scale and evolve our platform. We named it OTIS because we (Pat) like the name. Acronym ideas we have come up with so far; over the Irish Sea (a tribute to our friends in Cardiff).
Custom Planning System (OTIS)

Custom Ordering System (DROM)

We developed our own custom posting system so we could provide clients quicker access to their campaign performance data. As is true with the rest of platform, this was designed to scale as the business and its measurement evolves.
We created a single reporting platform that houses and visualizes all of our data. We provide custom dashboard access to clients, partners, and our own internal groups to help evaluate performance and improve, well, anything the data tells us needs improving. We are always look for more data and for better ways to package and analyze it.
Reporting Suite
Custom Posting System
Our standard reporting doesn’t quite work for you? No worries; we’ll work with you to customize reports to fit your exact needs. Remember those qualities from above? Our team is awesome; we want to make this simple; we pride ourselves on being able to adapt to the needs of the industry.
For campaigns where we guarantee impression delivery, we have a 3rd party verify our posting methodology and final results to ensure clients are getting what they pay for (see those notes on Integrity and Reliability above). For over 30 years, Management Science Associates, Inc. (MSA) has provided solutions to the media industry and have helped craft industry standards that are used routinely among cable networks, ad agencies, and advertisers.
MSA Verification
Customized Client Reporting
The Fun Stuff
Our product teams are working hard to enable new features to help improve the advertising experience. Their directive is to figure out how to help our clients get more out of every dollar spent, so check back soon and see some of the upgrades we’ve made to our platform.
We partner with the leading television attribution companies to measure actual consumer engagement. We are able to accurately measure our campaign exposure across 20mm homes and then measure the resulting response rates of web visitation, store visitation or sales. This data can be analyzed across creative, dayparts, networks, and more to build a media schedule that more effectively reaches the brand’s actual customers.
More to Come...
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