A platform designed for simplicity, efficiency, and the client in mind.

Our platform isn’t built to do everything – rather it's designed to do a few specific things very well. It was originally designed to provide a single solution: source premium television impressions from local platforms (MVPDs and broadcast stations) and package them together to create an alternative national footprint for advertisers. This solution created pricing efficiencies across the board, including some of the highest demand television programming; while also simplifying access to an otherwise complex matrix of sources for national advertisers. But we haven’t stopped there – we continue to expand our platform’s solutions to incorporate the emerging opportunities associated with CTV and streaming platforms. While all of this has been a massive accomplishment by the team, it’s only a win if it delivers for the client and with an agency retention rating of 94%. The proof is in the sauce!

All programming, all inventory sources, one platform.
With Continuum, advertisers can access any network, any program, and any inventory source all with a single campaign.

Cable TV

Access to every program on all the top cable networks
Still a great way to reach millions of Americans.

Broadcast TV

Access to national broadcast programming, local news, and syndication
Leverage local viewership for efficient, targeted campaigns.


Combine linear and streaming inventory on a single campaign
No need reach streaming viewers in a separate siloed campaign.

What Our
Clients Are

  • "You know the difference between Continuum and everyone else? Continuum gives a sh*t."

    Inventory Partner, NYC
  • "Truly a great company to work with."

    Agency Partner, NYC
  • "The level of service we receive from Continuum is outstanding."

    Agency Partner, Chicago
  • "You are a professional organization with real pros working for you. We really appreciate your business. Thank you!"

    Inventory Partner, NYC

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