A Managed Service TV Ad Platform

The video advertising ecosystem is complex and inefficient, so the team at Continuum Media built a TV advertising platform to help our partners navigate it. But a platform by itself doesn’t make things easier – you need a team of people dedicated to helping plan and execute a campaign. Our culture and business is built around developing long-lasting partnerships with our clients. This is why we coined the phrase "Managed Service Platform". In an industry that is trying to become more and more transactional, our focus on partnership is what sets us apart.

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Lifetime Ad Impressions Served


Agencies active on our platform in the last 12 months

In an industry where accounts switch so frequently, one of the most important metrics for us is the number of active agencies on Continuum's MSP


Brands active on our platform in the last 12 months

CPG, QSR, Pharma, Tourism, Booze, Auto, Health... we do it all


Campaigns executed on our platform in the last 12 months

Not all campaigns are created equally. We allow and accommodate customization per our clients' requests


Inventory partners sourced into the Continuum MSP

Running a hybrid campaign on broadcast, cable, and streaming has never been easier


Cable networks utilized through our platform

Accessing 98% of the US cable footprint


Broadcast stations utilized on our platform

Reaching 123 million US households across all 210 DMAs


Sporting events available through our platform each year

Any sport. Any event. Any network. Tell us what you want and we'll put it together


Live event sports impressions available through our sports platform

Target live in-game inventory, surround, or both


Unique characters working together to build a company we can be proud of

And a platform you'll love using