It starts here – with all of us. We’re building a workplace where teammates, the company, and our clients can thrive. The degree to which we collectively succeed is predicated upon respect, trust, safety, transparency and personal accountability. We encourage camaraderie, laughter and an open-minded and curious workplace, while holding all employees to the highest professional and ethical standards.
Talent runs deep, but character even deeper. Each office has its own unique character(s). We’re spread out across time zones, even countries, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a common sense of commitment. It’s nice to know that at Continuum who you are, and what you do, always matters.
We are Continuum
  • Pat Ivers
  • James Leary
    Executive Vice President
  • Jody Adams-Trujillo
    Vice President of Finance
  • JP Imbrogno
    SVP Advertising Sales
  • Tyler Scruggs
    VP Product Strategy
  • Elwyn Malethan
    VP Platform Development
  • Chris Kerney
    Director of IT Operations
  • Julie Derry
    Director of Traffic Operations