It starts here – with all of us. We’re building a workplace where teammates, the company, and our clients can thrive. The degree to which we collectively succeed is predicated upon respect, trust, safety, transparency and personal accountability. We encourage camaraderie, laughter and an open-minded and curious workplace, while holding all employees to the highest professional and ethical standards.

Talent runs deep, but character even deeper. Each office has its own unique character(s). We’re spread out across time zones, even countries, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a common sense of commitment. It’s nice to know that at Continuum who you are, and what you do, always matters.

We are Continuum

Pat Ivers


James Leary

Executive Vice President

Jody Adams-Trujillo

Vice President of Finance

JP Imbrogno

VP Advertising Sales

Tyler Scruggs

VP Product Strategy

Danielle Kutcher

Director of Partner Strategy

Elwyn Malethan

Director of Platform Development

Chris Kerney

Director of Advertising Sales Operations

Julie Derry

Director of Traffic Operations

Felicia Thomas

Director of National Media

Kathy Weeks

Director of Sports Marketing

Jenn Bang-Johnson

Senior Traffic Associate

Emily Bender

Traffic Coordinator

Ziyaad Bheda

Software Engineer

Dave Boyer

Senior Software Developer

Erin Buchanan

Account Coordinator

Matt Bunten

National Planning Lead

Lynecia Burgess

Sales Planner

Rhiannon Campbell

Traffic Coordinator

Kim Cole

Broadcast Buying & Planning Lead

Jenny Contreraz

Sales Planner

Dora Dagnino

AP/AR Accountant

Elizabeth DeSantis

National Sales Manager

Nia Evans

Software Developer

Ivy Fassler

Traffic Coordinator

Jay Goldstein

National Sales Manager

Sarah Henderson

Traffic Coordinator

Chris Hedley

Senior Sofware Developer

Bill Hood

Account Executive

Tyler Jamison

Business Intelligence Analyst

David Kangas

National Sales Manager

Charles Kundrat

National Sales Manager

Stephanie Larsosa

Account Executive

Jeffrey Levecchia

National Sales Manager

Matt McCarthy

Senior Software Developer

Steven Martinez

Account Coordinator

Danijela Mezic

Senior Planner

Justin Radzwill

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

Amy Richards

Junior Software Developer

Geoff Robison

National Sales Manager

Molly Sly

Account Coordinator

Bruno Trindade

Account Coordinator

Ashley Tucker

Accounting & Billing Specialist

Jason Valluzzi

Broadcast Buyer and Planner

Brandon Vargas

Sales Planner

Richard Walsh

Account Executive

Danyell Watts

Payroll & Benefits

Alan Weintraub

National Sales Manager

Stuart Whalley

Manager of Business Intelligence

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