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A wise man once said, “I am what I am, and I ain’t what I ain’t”. What we are is a nimble and conscientious Managed Service Platform. What we “ain’t” is the broken and decrepit image of linear tv advertising which our CTV brethren reprehensibly profess.

Most of our clients are surprised that Continuum has an upfront offering, let alone one which checks all the boxes needed to provide security and flexibility in such a volatile upfront market. Consider the following:

The Continuum Platform

Rate Stability

Guaranteed Delivery

Transparency on Audience Measurement

Optimization Capabilities

Frequency Capping

Targeting Agility

Attribution Capabilities

Custom Audience Targeting

Live Sports Offering

    Efficiency – We’ll hang our hat on this one. Continuum’s platform delivers value regardless of market conditions, daypart, demo parameters or inventory mix. If we can’t achieve your target goals, we’ll tell you. We’d rather manage your expectations at the onset as opposed to mid-campaign.

    Inventory- Our platform analyzes and places inventory across all distribution sources: cable, broadcast and CTV/OTT. We can follow your guidelines or make recommendations based on current market conditions.

    Optimization – The Continuum platform allows campaigns to be optimized based on timely performance data. If performance is suffering in some areas of the campaign, we’ll be able to make data driven recommendations on where to shift the dollars.

    Data – We can work with first party data, or license intuitive data sets to establish and identify the custom audience profiles which best fit your customer.

    Transparency – We build the plan and all of its parameters together. Our campaign management team will keep you informed on how the campaign is doing in-flight. We’ll let you know where and when your ads ran.

    Flexibility – Our upfront commitment requirements have the most flexibility in the industry. If you need to pause or change your current upfront commitment, no problem. Our platform is predicated upon short-term inventory cycles with probabilistic pricing models which allows us to manage campaigns with a great degree of confidence and flexibility.

    That’s the elevator pitch. The only thing we neglected to mention so far are probably the most important: integrity and partnership. We value both at Continuum – and it’s probably why our agency retention rate is 94%. We are what we are. Interested in learning more about Continuum Media?  

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