Boost Performance through
Weekly Campaign Optimization & Reporting

Advance Your Campaign with
Increased Reach

We work with over 175 cable networks and reach all 210 DMAs. In addition, you have access to premium networks and over 30 Hispanic networks, with bilingual options. Advance your media campaign like never before with increased scope, all within an arm’s reach.

Don’t Stress with Our
Ease of Execution

We work directly with you to optimize your campaigns to the desired efficacy. The media buying process is simple and fast with our platform. With the speed to market we offer, advertisements can be on the air within 72 hours, with the push of a button.

Improve Efficacy With Improved
Portfolio Depth

By utilizing our audience based network, you can improve your portfolio depth by making placement decisions irrespective of household MVPDs. The audience based network paired with our strong provider relationships and experienced team will optimize your media performance.

Trust Our
Unparalleled Service

Our first priority is to listen to our clients. After we listen, our team, comprised of professionals with years of experience in the advertising, broadcast, and media buying industries, works directly with you to optimize your campaign. We use our expertise in the industry to make your ad budget work harder and go further.

Gain Confidence with Our
Accountability & Transparency

We challenge the old way of media buying and ad planning. Our process is easy and transparent. We utilize proprietary data and analytics to make the most informed decisions and then deliver weekly campaign performance reports directly to your inbox. Obtain status reports on your campaign’s performance while it is still running, creating transparency and accountability others don’t provide.